Brief Reflection

by VJ Kapur

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"Not in this lifetime," she said,
buried in her pride, makeup
glimmering with reflected
moments of insight.

Exuding immunity,
she stands above it all,
expressionless save for the
worried flashes in her eyes.

"She's missing all the signs," he said,
ignoring her cries with an
image of his life and hers
deeply intertwined.

Meeting on the street, it was not
ordinary chance;
fate was puppeteering them in his
vaguely troubled head

as he holds it in his hands
and he knows that he's alone
and that it's always been so.

A brief reflection
on how it could have been
when, in his darkest
moments, he is
calling for her.

A brief reflection
on how it could have been
at night, before he sleeps
next to photographs he keeps.

The faint detection
of a hopeful outcome
all that he can hear.

All that he can hear.

An enthusiastic glance fades.
Distractions innervate; rate
on scales of one to ten
and then keep a safe distance.

Know going home alone
is not the end of the world.
It's more time to figure out
what this whole thing's all about.

A brief reflection
on how it could have been
when, in your darkest moments,
you're still calling for her.


released April 1, 2011
Vocals/instrumentation written/performed by VJ Kapur
Produced by Jacob Gemmell at Lowercase Studios
Artwork by Emily Chimiak




VJ Kapur Washington

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